Because children are protagonists in their lives, and even those of the society, because we have to listen to their voice and respect them, because we have to give them the right to dream, the right to live, the right to be.

Portraits by : ALIN


Parada's mission is to contribute to the Parada Foundation's development, while offering support to every marginalized person who needs it.

Parada France has started in Paris suburb a program with Rom people.

Rom are around 5 000 in Paris suburb. They have very hard conditions living : the most of the time they are living outside without water and electricitie.
In application of what happened in Romania with Parada Fondation, an artistic program started in september in France, Seine Saint-Denis with Rom people. They are going to be Europeen very soon and live in very bad condition, without any commun right like : the right to go to school, the right to have a home, all right concerning health...

Since september 2005 this programm is a way to :

Meet Rom people in the they live, to get better relations and a better jugement of their realities, and a better understanding of their stories.
Inform them on their right and on ways they can get some help
Create artistics courses (theater, circus) for children in Rom places.
Make some alphabetisation with pleople who wants to learn french.
Organize events like shows, residences with Rom