French 2006 Tour has just finished,
Some went back to Bucarest, others took the way of Bari in Italy

This season, nine young people from 13 to 25 years old were with us : Larry, Alex, Alina, Alberto, Marian, Marius, Nicolae, Mihai et Marian. They knew how to show us four weeks long their love for circus and how they work to get a better live to everyone who was able to see it, to support them in that hard work, and to accept them like their guest...

For fhis season, a big van, the latest Parada France acquisition was with us.It should help us a lot next year in our network with rom people in the Seine Saint Denis, Paris suburb. (voir page Actions)


Soon under the eye of Thomas Freteur

After a long and exhausted travell that took 24 hours, the little troup is coming allong in Lorraine (east of France) for two weeks.

This season,
3/4 Monde Fondation, made them a big surprise and rent a "CHAPITEAU" .
There, they improved their transmission circus art to youngest children from all school villages around. (ateliers de cirque...)
A big thank's to Car'pe Diem.
Parades and spectacles were at the meeting too, in all over the Vosges and Meurthe-et-Moselle.

Joke !


From June 29th to July 11th, Fondation Arsene, in the haut Rhin (east of France too but more in the south) organized an original tour. If two years ago all events where on the same place, this year they decided to go to rural country populations, were animations are never done, and where artisticals shows never exist.
Everyday is a nightmare, we have to get up early, and to go bed too late, all the material for the scene, the moving bar, all tents have to be moved, that takes a lot of time, and we are not always happy ...

The world cup is a big chance, because without it, no cancellations would have been done. (grgrgr!!!)

That little trip in Alsace gave the Van the opportunity to get a new fashion style and to meet his little sister : The Paradiane.

Take a look to:



And still soon under the eye of Thomas

Some little movies

Qosqo Maki

Parada's Spectacle

Buca'y Reste

On July 12th the band takes the way to
Briançon, in the Hautes Alpes (our big Mountains still in the east of France),where it meets some poeple who, just like it's members, don't have an easy life everyday.
In fact, the Enfants des rues, Enfants de l'art,(street children, art street) festival,
is a very good opportunity to meet each others and to get big exchanges from lot of points of of views.
Everyone is coming from a different univers : war world, street world, work world ...
Of course Parada was on the list,
and coul meet : Qosko Maki, a little music band formed by 4 young peruviens and Al Rowwad, a troup of 14 palestiniens that, through theatre try to show all over the world that in Palestine we are not only threw stones ....

And we knew about it, but what a surprise when saw them on scene !
BUCA 'Y RESTE - Bravo!!!
What is Buca' Reste ? A band of teenage girlgs that for two years is working on a project concerning strret children.
Last summer they went in Bucarets exchanging whith the day center members and came back with a big story that they just rendering, with all their impressions and feels. They incarning the grace and a big "sagesse".