Parada's troup is a primary supporter of "a red nose against indifference," launched by the Parada Foundation in 1966 to draw attention to the increasing exclusion and social marginalization of children(the Romanian children's plight being merely one example among countless others), and to open a dialogue as to the possible methods of combatting this exclusion, notably through an artistic approach.
Italy has proved most sensitive and supportive to the Parada's cause.

Invited to diverse countries, alone or accompanied by youths, to put on shows and espouse Parada's "method," Miloud Oukili has been able to meet other people in the field, artists and social workers who accompany these forgotten children: lost and abandoned in the streets of Nepal or in Europe, child victims of the war in Palestine or Sierra Leone, sick children from Bielorussia...



Cachan's Squatt, Paris suburb
October 06

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All these participants share a hatred for the violence incurred by children through the indifference around them and methods of action that place art as an educative and productive way for social reinsertion.

In Rome, the "red noses" collective has decided to go by the name "La Caravane de l'Eau" (The Water Caravan). It's vocation is to be itinerant, to go from one country to another in search of new partners for new exchanges: exchanges which make no political, economic or social distinction.